Introduction to Biomedical Informatics

May 6, 2018: Homework 3: Visualizing Spatial Data (Due extended: 11:59pm, May 13, 2018)
April 23, 2018: Homework 3: Visualizing Spatial Data (Due: 11:59pm, May 6, 2018)
April 9, 2018: Project delivery information updated (see Projects). 
Feb 26, 2018: Homework 2: Medical Image Analysis (Due:  11:59pm, March 11, 2018)
Feb 9, 2018: Homework 1: New York State Heath Data Analysis (Due: 11:59pm, Feb 18, 2018)

Feb 5, 2018: Initial project ideas posted. 

The course Introduction to Biomedical Informatics will cover the basis of biomedical informatics, including biomedical and healthcare data management and standards, medical imaging informatics, medical image analysis, bioinfromatics, and public health informatics and GIS.

(Note: THIS IS NOT A COURSE FOR COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, although we have lectures introducing Bioinformatics.)