1) Just War/Realpolitik/Pacifism

Why do wars happen? There are three schools of thought on this: Just War, Unjust War, and Realpolitik. Let's explore these three ideas in depth this week. Start by reading this document below (also shared with you in your google folder)

Just War Theory

Here is a short video that explain this school of thought:

Here is a video that shows the Realpolitik side of war. This means that wars are simply an extension of politics and are used to get governments what they want when they want it - they are self-serving, not noble, but necessary because that is just the way things work.

Lastly, there is the school of thought that no war is ever justified. This is called pacifism. Below is a video of an interview with a man who was an expert in that field. I know it is just two guys talking, and therefore not super exciting - but really try to listen to the old guy on the right, try to follow his ideas and see what you agree/disagree with and why.

Here is something the the men in the video above discuss - these are statistics about drone strikes in Pakistan (a country we are not even officially at war with) from 2004 - 2013

The following is an excerpt from the book called "The Paradox of War" - think deeply about these words.