Mystic Middle School PTO, Inc. (Parent-Teacher Organization)

Welcome to the Mystic Middle School PTO, Inc. website, and to the 2017- 2018 school year! 

PTO Officers

President: Dan Kelley  • •  860-235-0403

Vice President: vacant

Secretary: Diane Marchigiano  •  •  860-599-4422

Treasurer: Emily Kuhn  •  •  401-559-7046

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The Mystic Middle School PTO, Inc. follows the Robert's Rules of Order for meetings.


PTO Meetings for 2017-18
3rd Monday of the month (unless a conflict shifts date)
All parents and guardians are automatically members of the PTO. Please come to the meetings for information and input.

October 16, 2017 at 4:30pm
November 20, 2017 at 6:30pm
December 18, 2017 at 6:30pm
January 22, 2018 at 6:30pm
February 12, 2018 at 4:30pm
March 19, 2018 at 6:30pm
April 9, 2018 at 4:30pm
May 21, 2018 at 6:30pm

MMS PTO Fundraising Goal
This year our fundraising efforts will be going toward educating both parents and students about internet and social media safety and bullying. 
We would like to hear from any parents who have ideas for presentations or speakers on these topics. 

MMS PTO Sponsors Anti-Bullying Program
This year, the MMS administration has begun a school wide initiative to create kindness in both the school and the community: #MMSCreatesKindness. They have asked that this be the PTO’s focus this year as well. To support this cause, the PTO contributed funds to bring in a youth motivational speaker in October, who spoke to the entire student body. He covered topics such as bullying, cyberbulling, responsibility, perseverance, self-discipline, teamwork, and respect. 


Your PTO Dollars at Work during the 2014-15 School Year!

More Technology Purchased for MMS this Past Summer!
At the June, 2015 PTO meeting, those in attendance voted to approve $2,998 for the purchase of 2 Epson Brightlink projectors and mounts for 2 classrooms. With the money we have raised and spent on technology at the school over the last few years, our technology initiative has been completed. Teachers now have access to projectors and requested technology in every classroom. Interactive learning using technology will result in more engaged students, especially for those who are visual learners. This is an enormous accomplishment, and we thank you for supporting the PTO and making these improvements possible. 

More PTO Purchases in May!
The PTO purchased 2 Apple TV systems and 2 HDMI cables for $180 for the Chorus and Band rooms for Mr Hilbie and Ms Gilbert to use with their new flat screen TV’s for their students. Music instruction and performances on the internet will now be available for teachers to show students to assist learning.

Classroom Fund May Update

The Seventh Grade Teaching Team has pooled their PTO Classroom Funds of $125 per classroom to purchase student project supplies for their classrooms, such as game boards, blank journals, and notebooks.

New Technology Purchased for MMS!

The MMS PTO worked in conjunction with Mr. Keith to buy technology items for MMS. Using money raised from the SUGAR Rush concert, those present at the February PTO meeting voted to appropriate money to cover the priority items listed, which totaled $6,632. This money will provide 4 short throw interactive projectors and 4 document cameras for MMS, items that were requested by teachers to assist with learning in their classrooms! 

In addition, The MMS PTO will be assisting in the purchase of two Apple TV systems for chorus and band rooms, which will be used along with their new flat screen TV’s which were obtained with a music grant. This will allow for music performances and educational tools from the internet to be displayed on these screens for students. 

AND, those present at the April PTO meeting voted to provide additional funding for other listed technology items that were requested by staff! 

Clinics for Jazz Band and Select Chorus
The PTO provided funding for clinics for both Jazz Band and Select Chorus this month. 
Tom Kessler from Beacon Academy in Manchester worked with the Jazz Band on March 17th for the full 90 minute practice session. 
Jamie Spillaine, who is the Choral Director at UConn, worked with Select Chorus for 2 hours on March 25th.  

More PTO Purchases for MMS!
The PTO has also helped purchase $300 worth of Newberry Award Winning books for the library, provided funding for additional lab materials for 8th grade science, and purchased biography books for Mrs McGugan’s and Ms Kulpik’s classes to assist in class projects.

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