Welcome to the Stoneham Integrated Preschool Programs!

Our integrated preschool classrooms are designed to educate children with a variety of disabilities as well as typically developing children.  Within the integrated setting, students with disabilities are full participants in all program activities with supports and accommodations.  Typically developing children are role models for language, fine and gross motor skills, and social and play activities. Together all children form a community whereby we learn from each other’s strengths and differences.  Diversity in our classrooms is appreciated, encouraged and is an ongoing part of our everyday classroom life.

Our preschool classrooms are multi-aged.  Tuition students must be three or four years old on the first day of school. 

Our preschool classrooms provide individualized programming designed from a developmental point of view and based upon the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Prekindergarten.  The staff seeks to nurture the whole child by giving attention to all areas of development; physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional.  The curriculum emphasizes “hands-on” exploration and concrete experiences.  Activities are often open-ended so each child can experience success at his or her own level of development.

Play is considered an important aspect of our programming, and learning through play is encouraged through materials such as paint, blocks, sand, water, dramatic play, books and manipulatives.