Strategy and mentoring is a general group of consulting services primarily targeting new or "young" security teams in an organization.

Many years of experience has demonstrated that security is a field fraught with hazards where an apparently minor mistake can lead to disproportionately large consequences.

Let us show you ways in which you can:

  • Find the right balance between security and convenience.
  • Provide security in a way that respects the unique culture of your organization.
  • Avoid spending money on security tools that won’t really solve your problems.
  • Reduce ongoing security operating costs.
  • Have your security program add value to your organization's bottom line.

Our typical client has an existing security team. We provide an objective outside look at the way that security is presently managed, and help tune your security efforts to be more efficient.

For organizations that don't have a dedicated security team, we can help non-security professionals to create and operate effective security programs.

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