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Some recent Visitor feedback:

"A visual model of 'how' collaborative team teaching and learning can work, what 'ILE's' look like, some practical next steps for us to move from our current situation into a new possibility.

We have been through a huge change process since visiting, Stonefields was instrumental in modelling parts of the vision for this change. The way we look at 'what is the most effective way we can learn and teach?' has changed since our visit to Stonefields. Other schools have also informed our decision making, but Stonefields has been an exemplary model for us.

It is vital for all teachers to see an example such as Stonefields to make possibilities less abstract and theoretical - more a visible reality." (Tracey, Netherton, New Zealand)

"It gave our staff real belief in our own journey - was a major catalyst in changing our own mental models around teaching and learning, and encouraged our staff to be risk takers themselves.  We have completely redesigned our own curriculum, practice and learning spaces since, and the Stonefields visit was an important "first step" for us." (Wayne, Hamilton, New Zealand)

"I believe that the visit has changed the way I think dramatically. I already had a strong belief about how school should work, but until my visit I'd never actually seen it in practice, and that has stayed with me." (Sue, Mawson Lakes, Australia)

"A big shift towards seeing this kind of focused, open, collaborative classroom culture as achievable (instead of a lofty ideal), that can be achieved with practical steps that come from a sound theoretical base." (Jane, Waimauku, New Zealand)

"Your school had a very clear vision, principles and learner qualities. Everyone spoke the same language and was on the same page." (Ashley, Cheviot, New Zealand)