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Term 4 BOT News

Tena koutou katoa / Greetings all



Community Survey

 We had a fantastic response to this years community survey (310 respondents), so thank you all for taking the time to complete it. It was pleasing to see such lovely comments from parents in the open comments section, in particular recognising the effort and passion our teachers put into our children. We were also pleased to get constructive comments on ideas for improving the school.


You can find the survey results here.

Some quick summary points are:


  • Most caregivers Agreed/Strongly Agreed (A/SA) that their child was happy (83%) and safe (88%) at school

  • 75% A/SA that Stonefields School children are respectful

  • 74% would recommend the school to other parents

In terms of learning:


  • 67% A/SA that our school meet their child’s learning needs

  • 66% A/SA that our school equips their child for their future

Two areas that are a particular focus for the Board and our strategic direction are ‘learner agency’ and communication:


  • 85% A/SA that learners take ownership (agency) of their learning. This was a new question for 2018.

  • 56% A/SA that they felt informed about their child’s progress.


For the Board, there are key governance improvements we are working on in response to the survey results and the associated comments:


  • In terms of property, we are working with the Ministry of Education for a solution to the boggy nature of our playing fields.

  • We are in the process of appointing a full time communications specialist to develop and implement a communication strategy for the School. Communication has become increasingly challenging in our fast-growing school. While the numbers of staff and children have grown, there has been no associated increase in administrative support, as most of us would expect in a business environment. We see this role as integral for our staff, learners and parents at our growing school.

  • It is also disappointing to hear that only about half of our parents felt informed about their child’s progress. While this ties to communication, there is also an inevitable tension between teachers spending time with learners helping them make progress, and spending the time assessing and reporting to parents. We are working closely with the team around this.



Staff News

 We would like to congratulate Kyle and Jess Hattie who welcomed a new daughter into the world on Friday 23rd November.  Danielle Grace will be a little sister to Emma. Kyle is very proud of all three of his beautiful girls.





School Field

 We have been investigating various drainage solutions in order to improve the wet field situation and we’re pleased to let you know that we have contracted Awanui Landscaping to undertake the work commencing in Term 1 next year. We look forward to seeing an improved play space for our learners.




 How wonderful were the 2018 Learning Achievement Celebrations yesterday! We were delighted that we were able to host the whole school in one event and what an event it was!


Congratulations to all our learners for a year of thinking and wondering, of being self aware, questioning, making connections, reflecting and being so determined!



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Thank You

 As we end another hugely successful year at Stonefields School, we would like to take this opportunity to:


  • wish the Year 8 learners every success in their new journey - keep in touch!

  • fondly farewell the staff that are leaving us this year - all the very best wishes

  • thank all our wonderful staff, parents, caregivers and community for your continued support!


On behalf of the Stonefields School Board we wish you a wonderful and happy holiday season!


Nga mihi nui


Matt, Tania, Margaret, Marie, Stephanie, Bryan and Sarah

Stonefields School Board of Trustees


2019 Board dates will be published in the new year.   All members of the community are welcome to attend the Board meetings in a non-speaking capacity for the general section of the meeting.

“In Committee” sections are confidential and held in private. Should you wish to attend a meeting, please contact the Board Secretary, Ellie Bramwell in the school office

who will note your intended attendance. (ellie@stonefields.school.nz)

Board members can be contact on board@stonfields.school.nz