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Term 3 BOT News

Tena koutou katoa / Greetings all



New Board member


We are delighted to welcome Bryan Fox to the Board of Trustees.  Bryan is well known in our school whānau and wider community, and is husband to Theresa and father of two Stonefields learners, Cooper and Mahalia.  Bryan brings an audit background with 15 years’ experience in Quality Assurance. Prior to that, he has held a range of roles mostly in the insurance industry, however an interesting role outside of this industry was his teaching in South Korea for two years. Both Bryan and Theresa are actively involved and instrumental in the school’s Kapa Haka rōpū where they share and learn elements of Māori culture. His passions include providing opportunities to help build well-rounded individuals and contributors to communities.


Staff news  


It is wonderful to have Sheena Campbell and Klara Coulter back at school following their study and sabbatical leave.  We are very fortunate that teachers of such high calibre choose to return to Stonefields School.


Two more new baby boys have arrived in our Stonefields family.  Congratulations to Hanna Thomas and husband Robert on the arrival of Edward and also Emma Purchase (nee Hansen-Knarhoi) and her husband Chris on the birth of Tom (pictured).  



Achievement Data


The Board has been examining the School’s mid-year achievement results over the last couple of Board meetings. We have been pleased with the achievement results our teachers have delivered (Reading: 80%; Writing:74%; Maths: 84%), particularly given the challenges they have faced with an increasing school roll and increases in students receiving extra support, such as English language support.


Comparisons with mid-year data from 2017 show a 9% increase in learners meeting achievement levels in Reading, 9% increase in Writing, and 3% in Maths. Our longitudinal data are also showing long-term improvements in learning achievement across cohorts. We have ambitious goals to improve achievement for even more learners, but we are confident that learners leaving Stonefields School are well-prepared for high school. However, we do have some work ahead to close the gap in achievement for our Māori learners, and the Board are working with School Management, teachers and whanau to understand what strategies we can put in place to support and improve outcomes for Māori learners. The Board will like to take this opportunity once again to applaud our dedicated, passionate teachers who are driven to produce better learning outcomes for our children. We look forward to seeing further improvements in the end of year achievement data.

Property including new build

Progress on the design of the new build is well underway, with the aim of having much of the preliminary design work completed by the end of October. Stage 3 will commence construction in July 2019, and Stage 4, as required depending by our roll. The two-storey building will sit on the western side of our site (Guyon Street side), and will comprise three hubs downstairs and three upstairs. We have held one meeting to share early details with our parent community and will do this again next term. We are also inviting local community members to learn about the project in November. In the meantime if you have any questions at any time about the build project please get in touch with Matt Evans (Board Chairman) or Chris Bradbeer (Associate Principal) via the school office.


School Field


The field has been too muddy to allow for play during the bad weather.  We are looking at options to alleviate this in the future. Drainage can be very expensive and we are discussing with the Ministry of Education how they might be able to help fund this work.  


Learner Projects


Hub 1

We were delighted to receive a proposal from learners in Hub 1 who had a desire to provide shade within the courtyard area linked to their hub.  This allows use of the external space for play and learning opportunities. The project was given the green light and Matt Evans (Board Chair) visited the hub to give the learners the good news.  In return we received the very positive letter below!




Hub 5

Elijah and Harry in Hub 5 provided an update on their landscaping projects as part of their Breakthrough.  This is the two areas of land between Hubs 9 and 10 and also the area where our hangi pit was originally housed.  We are thrilled to see the progress:


Dear Board of Trustees,


We have great news, the first project (the area with the cone in it) is fully constructed and the students are playing in it. Unluckily for us we encountered a problem we had not considered. We recently found out that students have been pulling out plants from the gardens in the first project. We have countered this problem by closing off half of the first project to let the plants grow stronger.


Despite this little set back, seeing our vision come to life has made us very proud and knowing that other students are enjoying the area and making good use of it is really exciting.


The main construction of the second project (hangi pit) is finished and we are just waiting for the plants to be planted. So that will be finished in a few weeks. We are very thrilled with how this project has progressed.


We have decided that we will be having a haka powhiri for the new projects. To arrange a haka powhiri Harry and I are emailing Papa Big. We will hopefully have this email finished by Friday this week.


Lastly Harry and I would like to thank you for the trust and funding you have given us with this project. The passion we have further developed through our landscaping breakthrough has really inspired us to look at following this as a future career path.


Kind Regards

Harry and Elijah


One of the best outcomes for the Board of Trustees is seeing the visions of our learners come to life.  Not only benefiting themselves and their educational outcomes but also bringing a clear and evident contribution to our community.


Thank you to both the Hub 1 and Hub 5 learners, whose passion is providing a benefit to all.


Nga mihi nui


Matt, Tania, Margaret, Marie, Bryan, Stephanie and Sarah

Stonefields School Board of Trustees


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