The StoMP network is a collaborative research network between mathematical modellers and microbiologists.

Stomp is part of the MatSyB (Mathematical Methods for Systems Biology) research call and we collaborate with GENESYS, another network.

BBSRC funding for Stomp activites has now finished. We are currently collating information for our final report. Here is the questionaire.

    We are currently running events at the National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh as part of theme 14: Modelling and Microbiology

  • The second biannual training meeting was held from the 26th to the 29th July 2010 at the Department of Biology at the University of York. More information and registration.
  • The research conference was held in summer 2009 from 13th to 16th of July at the National e-Science centre in Edinburgh. Follow the link on the bar to the right to find out more.
  • The training meeting was held in summer 2008 at Birmingham on the week starting 21st July. Follow the link on the bar to the right to find out more.
  • The inaugural "meet 'n greet" meeting was held in York on 19th and 20th December. Details can be found by following the link to the right.

To join the network, come to the meeting, or receive regular email updates, contact pis@stompnet.org.

Funding is available for collaborative research visits between network members. Please contact pis@stompnet.org.

Access your StoMP user homepage here.