Church of St. Laurence, Omeath

Mass Times:

Sunday: 10.00 am

Monday: 10.00 am

Tuesday: 10.00 am

Wednesday: 7.00 pm

Thursday: 10.00 am

Friday: 10.00 am First Friday - 7.30 pm

Holydays - 7.30 pm (Vigil), 10.00 am

Confessions: Eve of First Friday - 7.00 pm

Baptisms: By arrangement

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 
1st Fri 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Divine Mercy Devotion - Wed 7.00 pm

Parish Personnel

Parish Priest
Rev. Brian Mac Raois 
Parochial House, Chapel Hill, Carlingford
Phone: (042) 937 3111

Assistant Pastor
Rev. Christy McElwee IC
Address: Parochial House, Chapel Hill, Omeath, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
Phone: (042) 937 5198 

In Residence                                                                                                Rev. Oliver Stansfield IC                                                                        Parochial House, Chapel Hill, Omeath.                                                        

Parish Office 

Parochial House, Chapel Hill, Carlingford                                        Phone: (042) 937 3111                                                                                    Email:

Parish Secretary                                                                                    Caroline McNulty 

Parish Pastoral Council
Secretary: John McKevitt Tel: 087 2499103
Members: Fr. Brian MacRaois, Fr. Christy McElwee, Fr. Oliver Stansfield, Patricia McCormack, Eileen Thornton, Caitriona Murphy, Laurie Brady, Tracy Sharkey

Parish Safeguarding Representative
Jacqueline McKeown, Drummullagh, Omeath
Safeguarding Policy and Procedures




Church of St Michael, Carlingford

Mass Times:

Saturday: 7.30 pm (Vigil)

Sunday:  11.30 am

Monday: 9.00 am

Tuesday: 9.00 am

Wednesday: 9.00 am

Thursday: 9.00 am

Friday: 9.00 am

Holydays - 7.30 pm (Vigil), 10.00 am

Confessions: Eve First Friday - 7.00 pm

Baptisms By arrangement

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament 
Thursday before First Friday 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm