Department of animal science
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture.

Chair of Animal Science

Performs scientific research work, Scientific workers and Associates of the Department are involved in the realization of scientific projects, and the results of the research are verified through scientific and professional publications, congresses, symposiums and consultations in the country and abroad.

Center for Animal Breeding

Center for Animal breeding is the main center for development and implementation of breeding programs in livestock in Vojvodina Province. The Center for Animal breeding has electronic databases with information on the origin, production and reproductive parameters in cattle, horse breeding, sheep, goats, beekeeping, fishing as well as pig and poultry farming. Center has a software program for evaluation of genetic parameters and breeding values. Some of the tasks of the Center relate to the control of the implementation of the breeding program, the keeping of the main register, issuing pedigree and certificates of origin, coordinating the work of the basic and regional breeding organizations.