Welcome to the first grade website of St. Norbert School.   Your child is a wonderful gift from God and I am so very happy that you have chosen to send your child to St. Norbert School.  I will endeavor to give youvr child the best education that is available.  I will also help them to have a closer relationship with Our Lord.  This year, we will take a journey together to learn about our world.   With parents and teacher working together, success is guaranteed.  Welcome and get ready for a wonderful year.

A Poem by the first grade 2017
                             The Seasons
Winter, spring, summer, fall,
Seasons four we have in all.
Snowmen melting in the sun,
Spring has birds that tweet a song,
Flowers blooming all day long.
In summer it is really hot,
We like pools and snacks a lot.
Fall has pumpkins and hay rides,
Trick or treating with parent guides.
Winter, spring, summer, fall,
Seasons four we love them all.