THE SECRET OF LEARNING ENGLISH:  If learners attach sense and meaning to what they are learning, they will likely be successful.  Students do not come to school with a burning desire to conjugate a verb or with a strong desire to write a persuasive essay, so it is my job to provide well-planned, interactive and engaging content lessons presented in ways that facilitate the acquisition of academic language.

Academic language is the language of books, the type of language necessary to participate, to comprehend and communicate in age appropriate activities.   Technical words, abstract nouns, dense complex sentences and authoritativeness can make reading and writing seem formidable. Our goal in this classroom is to transform learning into creative thought and written products.  Our overarching  goal is to get hooked on writing and reading.

All of us are learning verbally and visually:  using our imagination, producing maps on the smart board, sharing ideas with friends, acting in theater productions, utilizing graphic organizers, making connections between art and literature. We are delving deep into English and reflecting on the people, the emotions, and the impact of historical events on the characters that inhabit our reading.  

2017-2018 School Year

Mrs. Mary Riisen

Seventh Grade Homeroom

Seventh and Eighth Grade English/ Performance

Yearbook Moderator

National History Day Co-Coordinator