Imagine with all your mind; Believe with all your heart; and, Achieve with all your soul.

The STM Preschool welcomes you to the 2018-2019 school year...a year filled with the wonder of God's love. Our goal is to relate the love of God by showing the children love. Love provides security. Loves shows discipline. Love gives a quality education. Love is a glimpse of God - "For God is Love." We believe the love of God joins us together.

Through thoughtful vision and loving guidance, St. Thomas More’s Preschool strives for excellence by reaching minds, touching hearts, and shaping souls. The students will come to school, not only to learn, but to have fun in the classroom with daily adventures!!!

How blessed we are to share this important year with your child. Our teachers are happy to meet the needs of your developing child while providing every opportunity to help them learn positively. Your child is a unique and valuable individual and our purpose is to provide the beginnings of a Catholic education at St. Thomas More Preschool.

Learning is an exciting life-long endeavor. We are proud to continually strive to create a loving, positive educational experience. We welcome communication from the parents. We also respect and support you in the education of your child. If you have a concern and wish to speak with or meet with a teacher, please call the school office or send a note to the school.

You are encouraged to visit our school to discover for yourself the exciting, creative, loving atmosphere awaiting your child. Thank you for being a part of our St. Thomas More community.

May God bless all our children and keep them safe,

Nina R. Coltharp

PreKindergarten Director

St. Thomas More Parish School

5927 Wigton

Houston, Texas 77096

Phone: 713-729-9062

FAX: 713-721-5644


Alive with our mission...

We, the pastor, staff, and parents of St. Thomas More Parish School,

are committed to developing the minds, hearts, and souls of our students.

By planting faith-filled seeds of good habits,

we open our students’ minds to knowledge,

their hearts to service, and

their souls to the beauty of God’s Creation.