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My name is Noel Novak and I will be teaching 6th grade literature and social studies. Welcome!

The social studies text we will be using is titled World Cultures & Geography. My goal for the year is for your child to appreciate other cultures, learn general geographic locations, and have a desire to see other lands!

There will be map tests, quizzes, and chapter tests. Prior to the map tests, students will complete study maps. The students will have ample notice of the chapter tests and will be provided with a review.

Literature will offer exposure to many renowned authors. Your child will become acquainted with works from Christopher Paul Curtis, Leon Leyson, and many others. The text they will use this year is entitled Literature, published by Prentice Hall. Higher level thinking will be an integral part of the curriculum through use of the various components of comprehension such as drawing conclusions, making inferences, understanding character development, etc. Vocabulary, including literary terms, will also be addressed. Class discussion and participation will play an important part in this course. Grades are based on class participation, classwork, vocabulary, quizzes, tests and papers.

Parents, we hope this is a wonderful year for you and your children. I am enthusiastic about teaching these courses and working with your child! If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me. My e-mail is nnovak@stmorenews.com. If you want to meet in person about anything, send me an email and we can schedule a time after school. I wish you many blessings for this school year!