From the Desk of Ms. Thome and Mrs. Izard

Welcome to the Administration's page! On our site, Mrs. Izard and I hope to share a behind the scenes look into everything that makes STM such a wonderful school! We believe that learning is a life-long process that serves to enrich individuals emotionally, socially, and intellectually. This process begins naturally in the home and continues with the entry into a formalized educational setting. Every school has the grave responsibility of promoting this education; however, we believe that STM enjoys the greater privilege of providing opportunities not only for the intellectual, but for the emotional and spiritual growth of every child. An STM education is not simply a private school education, but a faith-based education that is embedded with values and high moral standards. By developing students’ academic, emotional, spiritual, and physical abilities, it is our belief that we can and will help to develop students that are self-directed learners, collaborative thinkers, and life long learners.

To discover how STM achieves these goals, we invite you to visit our page often. Along with details on our formation program and curriculum, you will see our students and teachers in action in their classrooms. We'll also keep you up to date on what is happening at the Archdiocesan level and with our fellow Catholic schools.

Ms. Kristen Thome

Mrs. Mary Kay Izard

My family moved to Houston when I was 4 years old, and I have been a proud Texan ever since! I graduated from Westbury High School and attended the University of St. Thomas. I began my career in education with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School. I taught second grade for 3 years and first grade for 4 years. During that time I returned to The University of St. Thomas to earn my M.Ed, followed by a Masters in Administration. Although I knew that I would miss the classroom I was ready for a new challenge. After 7 years of teaching, I joined the faculty at St. John Paul II as Assistant Principal. After gaining 4 years of experience, I moved to Northwoods Catholic School, where I served as Principal for 4 years. I was thrilled to join the STM community in 2014!

“If something is true, it is good and beautiful; if it is beautiful; it is good and true; if it is good, it is true and it is beautiful. And together, these elements enable us to grow and help us to love life, even when we are not well, even in the midst of many problems. True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life.”~ Pope Francis

Welcome everyone to St. Thomas More. We are glad you are part of our family of families. I have been in the parish since 1989. I’ve been married to Bill for 31 years and both of our children, Laura and John, are STM graduates. I began my career teaching soldiers while my husband was stationed in Germany. In 2000, I was a substitute teacher and the following year joined the STM faculty. I have taught math, English, literature, and social studies to various grades first through eighth. In 2008, I became Dean of Students.

I am a product of Catholic education. I attended St. Vincent de Paul and then St. Agnes Academy. I received my Education Curriculum and Instruction degree from Texas A&M. I know the Catholic formation and strong academic foundation made a profound impact on my higher education. I still believe that is true of Catholic education today. One should not expect to only teach the mind. For it is in touching hearts and shaping souls that a child of Christ is formed.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine