Hi My name is Debby Masson, as St Monica's Guidance Counsellor my role is to support students with a range of issues including -
  • Careers and Subject Selection
  • Study Skills
  • Family and Friendship issues
  • Personal Concerns and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health

Students and parents can make an appointment to see me by contacting me directly or via the school office. 

Phone: 40 424800         E-mail: dmasson@stmonicas.qld.edu.au

This Student Support site contains links to a number of useful web resources.  Click on the required heading on the top left hand corner.
1.  Phone & Online Counselling
2.  Parent help
3.  Depression, Anxiety & other Mental Health issues
4.  Bullying & Cyberbullying
5.  Relationships, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault
6.  Sexual Health
7.  Drug & Alcohol
8.  Financial & Legal Advice
9.  Relaxation & Mindfulness
10. Study Skills
11.  Study Work Grow - Career Information Website
12. Subject selection & Careers
13. Year 12 Careers Exploration
14. Year 12 Newsletters
15.  Year 10 to 11 Parent Information Night
16.  Employability Skills and Digital Portfolio
17.  Year 12 QTAC Information Night


What is Counselling?

There is no ‘magic wand’ in Counselling.  It is not a ‘quick fix’.  It is a team effort involving you and the counsellor.  It can help you to cope with a crisis or an ongoing challenge in your life.  During counselling your problems are explored in a safe and confidential setting.  Together you and the counsellor will work on developing new possibilities and creative solutions. 


Counselling is confidential except in certain special circumstances.   St Monica’s Student Protection Policy requires that instances of abuse or harm, including self-harm, must be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Out of school hours 

Kids Helpline   1800 55 1800   www.kidshelp.com.au

eheadspace   online help   www.eheadspace.org.au

Lifeline 13 1114