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Adult Education

In the fall and during Lent, Saint Mary Magdalen offers a series of adult education classes.  If you are interested in being part of a class, contact Nancy Shroff at Nancy.Shroff@stmmschool.com.

Children's Liturgy

Children's Liturgy is held during the 9:30am Mass for children 3 years old and older. This provides an opportunity for children to understand the same scriptures and readings their parents are listening to during Mass. Activities and discussions are used to explain the themes of the scriptural readings. From the church, the children are led downstairs after the opening prayer and return for the preparation of the Gifts. For details please contact Shelly Moelm at info@stmmchurch.com.

Journey In Faith (JIF)

JIF prepares adults (Catechumens) who wish to become members of the Catholic Church. The program starts in September and lasts until Easter, when the Catechumens become Catholic. Priests, religious, and lay members of our parish give presentations on various aspects of the Catholic faith. The group meets every week during the program. To learn how you or someone you know can become Catholic, please contact Andrew Theising at 394-0538.