Class Information

Bienvenidos a la pagina sobre las clases de español en nuestra escuela
Welcome to the page about Spanish classes in our school
This page is to let you know of
 upcoming tests and projects in all SMM Spanish classes.

********Junior High Students**********
Mrs. Delk now has office hours for you to come to her office with questions or to ask for help.


Tuesday mornings 7:20-7:40
Thursday during your study hall

Junior Kindergarten will be concentrating on colors and counting.

Kindergarten parents, we concentrate vocabulary on varios topics. When possible, I collaborate 
with the kindergarten teachers on topics. 

First grade, we are learning food items.

Second grade, we are learning numbers 1-50.

Third grade, we are learning about adjectives.

Fourth grade, we are learning how to tell time.

Fifth grade, we are learning parts of the body.

Sixth grade begins with a general review of prior topics. We concentrate on vocabulary, grammar, 

speaking, and reading comprehension. 

Seventh grade, verb conjugation and work with pronouns is the focus of studies. 

Eighth grade, begins with a review of 6 and 7 th grade topics. We continue to study verb 

conjugations and other grammar topics. We work on speaking, reading, and listening 

comprehension activities. 

Thank you.  
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If you have questions or concerns about your students in grades 1 through 5 please contact me at