St. Michael's Parish School

4th Grade

Welcome to the fourth grade! We are looking forward to the new school year and learning more about our students. Mrs. Longaberger will be teaching Math, Science, and Religion to both fourth grade classes. Mrs. Kraus will be teaching language arts and social studies.


Please make sure your child has all his or her school supplies.

Picture Day September 18

Walk-A-Thon September 20

4th Grade Homework Policy

•There is some sort of homework every night including studying what we have gone over in class that day

•Homework needs to be completed in a timely manner by your child.

•If homework is not completed when due, the planner will be stamped to let you know your child did not do his or her homework

•Missing homework must be completed within a day of it being due.

•Starting September 16, missing homework will result in points as part of the homework policy of grades 4 – 8.

•Percentage points will be taken off the final grade of long term assignments instead of receiving behavior points if not turned in on due date