Ms Weber's
Physical Education

Physical Education - Overall Goal


The overall goal for Physical Education at St. Thomas More will be to provide students with an opportunity to have fun learning a variety of motor skills that will help give them the confidence they need to lead physically active lives.  In class we will address topics such as sportsmanship, target heart rate zones, dance, aerobics, strength training and team sports.


Physical Education 2 thru 5


Grades 2 through 5 attend Physical Education classes once every three days for thirty minutes per class period.  At the elementary level we work on a variety of locomotor and cognitive skills.  Fitness assessment and nutritional concepts are introduced to help children understand, improve and maintain their physical well-being.


            Dress Code for Grades 2 through 5

1.        Athletic shoes with socks

2.      STM spirit shorts under skirts


Please make note of any health issues your child has that may affect his or her performance or physical well-being.


Physical Education 6 thru 8


Grades 6 through 8 attend Physical Education once every three days for forty minutes per session.  In the Middle School program we review previously learned physical and nutritional concepts as well as learn a variety of new activities.  Fitness assessment is continued and becomes more individual oriented.  A variety of team sports are introduced to provide choices for lifetime enjoyment in Physical Activity.


            Dress Code 6 through 8

1.        Athletic shoes that tie with socks

2.      STM  spirit shorts

3.       Any STM sport shirt or sweatshirt is acceptable.  (Track, Volleyball, D.A.R.E., etc.)


Please make sure your child’s clothing is acceptable for a co-ed P.E. class with a wide variety of activity.


6th, 7th and 8th grade will follow the hall pass procedures for 2014-2015.


Please check with me when special events are scheduled.


In grades 6 through 8 students who miss their Physical Education class will be required to make up class participation points by walking/running 1 mile for each missed class at some time within the quarter the class was missed.  For expected absences arrangements should be made with Ms. Weber prior to the occurrence.


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