Movement - Mrs. DeCapo


Welcome to Movement. 

Preschool & Kindergarten:  The children will learn basic stretching.  They will have fun exercising with music, games, and simple equipment. Movement is a young child's most natural form of expression.  Young children climb, jump, and run for the sheer pleasure of moving.  They use movement to explore what is real and imaginary.  By using creative ideas, I will try to encourage this movement in the classroom.

General Information

Please have your child wear athletic shoes on the day he/she has Movement.  We sometimes go outside and do a lot of running.
For girls - please wear shorts under the uniform.  We have equipment to work on tumbling skills. 



In Movement we learn many new games.  Good sportsmanship is very important.  At this age as long as your child participates and has fun, he/she is a winner.
Some of the skills we work on are:
Forward Rolls/Backward Rolls
Log Rolls
Actions to Songs
Beginning Juggling Skills
Throwing and Catching  

The children will be learning yoga animal poses and how to say the pose in sign language.  

Each child will learn to wait for his/her turn.
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