Miss McGovern
Library K-8

Late Fees/Fines in the Library

   Since the beginning of the school, we have gone over library policies and procedures in all of the library classes.  All students have been made aware that when books are returned after their due date late fees will be assessed.  Parents, please remind your students to pay close attention to the due dates for their library books.   A late fine may be assessed to your student for not returning his/her book by the scheduled due date.  The fees established and approved by the STM school office are 5 cents per school day.  This will help improve the availability of the books for all STM students. Thank you for your assistance in helping our library to run smoothly.


Students have 3 weeks to check out a book.  Students are allowed to check out and return books during their scheduled library time, before school, and after school; however students need to let me know if they would like to come to the library before or after school to insure I will be in the library.

Library Wish List

   Some items that are needed in the library are:

~Any hard cover books picture or chapter books are welcome for a donation.

~rechargeable batteries (size AA)

~portable CD players with headphones


~colored pencils




~Educational Board Games

~Arts and crafts supplies

~index cards

~Gallon size Ziploc bags

~Clorox wipes

~hand sanitizer


Exciting Events

We have our Barnes and Noble Night May 4th at the Town Center Location.   All purchases benefit our school library!!!!

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