Hi Students and Parents

       You may check out my web page for important dates and information for Kindergarten Classroom 101! Please scroll down for information for this school year.

Have a Happy Day!!

Ms. Heather Askin

History of Ms. Askin:

For those of you who are new to St. Mary School, Welcome! We are very excited to have you here with us and welcome you to our  School Family!  

I am going into my 10th year teaching here at St. Mary (technically 11 1/2 as I took some time off when my twins were born). I had taught kindergarten for 3 years at Holy Family (formerly known as Holy Rosary) in the middle 90's and then took time off to raise my older two.  I have four children.  Matthew 19, Cassidy 17, and Abigail and Brianna who are 11 year old girls attending SMS. I enjoy spending time with my family, baking, running, and reading. I absolutely LOVE teaching kindergarten! I find it rewarding to see such wonderful smiling faces who are so excited to learn everyday!  It's fun to watch the students grow academically, socially, and spiritually. My goal is to help every child feel happy, secure, and make SMS Kindergarten a place they want to be everyday! 

Here are a few tips to begin the new school year:

 School Supplies-   Supplies may be brought in on Open House night, August 23rd 6:30 pm-7:30 pm. Please label ALL supplies with your child's name.

Parent Meeting- We will have a parent night on September 4. Mrs. Mann and I will be sharing important information and classroom practices to help you through the school year.

Snack/Milk-  There will be a monthly snack calendar.  Each child will be responsible for bringing snack (no drinks needed) once or twice a month.  A list of suggested healthy snacks will be provided. We have 12 students.

Parent Helpers- Parents will have the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom.  There are a variety of things you will be able to help out with in our classroom including reading/writing, centers, computers, and chaperones for field trips. Please note that you must fulfill the Safeguarding All of God’s Family to do so. See my LINKS page for information.

Bus Riders/Car Riders-  Please complete the google form online (sent by Mrs. Sekeres) to indicate what you child's schedule will be each day for transportation from school.  I will rely heavily on this schedule to determine which line your child should be in at the end of each day.  My main concern is the safety of all the children.  If there is ever a change in this schedule, I need to have a note each and every time there is a change.  I will not be able to accept your child’s word or the word of an older sibling in order to make these changes.  If you forget to send a note, you will need to call the school office and let us know. Thank you for understanding.

haskin@stmb.org- Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

By working together, your child will gain enthusiasm and wonder for the many exciting things to happen in Kindergarten.  I look forward to seeing all the new learners soon!


Items for the beginning of the school year. 

Drop off and pick up for car riders:

Students will enter the building in the morning through the playground entrance at 8:05 a.m. On the first week I will be there to guide them into the school.  Parents are welcome the first day to come in with their child and take a picture.  We ask parents to just stay a few minutes and say good-bye.  This really helps with transition on the first day if you do not linger.
After the first week of school the Safety Patrol will bring the students into the school. 

If you are more than 5 minutes late a parent is to walk the child to the office and let Mrs. Sekeres know your child is late and then walk your child to their classroom.  Please do not use the front of the school for entrance on days you are not late.  Randolph street is strictly drop off and pick up, you must stay in your vehicles.  If you want to drop off and walk with your student to the playground you must park down the adjoining streets.  The parking lot out front is for teachers and staff only and the one in the back is for preschool parents, and staff only. 

Pick up will be in the back as well on the playground at 3:07 pm.  I ask parents in the beginning of the school year to let me know when you get your child, I will have all students not taking the bus stand by me and they can not leave until a parent or sibling comes to get them.  I do this for their safety and my piece of mind the first few weeks.  Thank you for understanding.  

Drop off and pick up for busers:
All buses drop off in the front of the school and pick up there as well.  In the morning safety patrol will be there to guide students to the back of the school.  Any other questions about bus transportation will have to be directed to Thomas Bus Company.
(262) 763-7564

Rest Time:
      Each student will need a small plastic nap mat, can be found at Walmart. Starting in February we will no longer have rest time, instead it will be read to self time or on some days partner reading. Please do not send CLOTH mats, pillows, or blankets. This is to keep everyone healthy all year long. 

Rainy Days:
   On days that it is raining in the morning, your child will be let into the building by a safety patrol.  Students stand in front of Mrs. Mann's lockers (room 208) until the bell rings.

Reading Books:  The students will receive a book home each week.  Please take two days to read, reread, and check for comprehension with your child. Asking questions that beginning with: who, what, when, where, how do you know.  We tell the students that pictures(illustrations) tell stories too and use them to help with your reading.  Books will not be sent home right away.


Homework will not be given each week. Occasionally the students may have a project sent home to be done with their family.  If a student needs reinforcement on a specific skill, homework may be sent home as well. Reading books will be sent home once a week. 


**If you are planning a vacation, please know that I do not do my lesson plans for the following week until Sunday evenings.  Your child will have to complete his or her work when they return from their vacation. However much of our learning is hands on in the classroom.







Thank you to all the students who donated money they earned from jobs around the house to give to those less fortunate.  We raised $91 in our classroom.  Great job kindergarten! 

Our New Theme this school Year will be:


Image result for prayerful hands images for kids

At SMS kindergarten we will be following the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS)used by all schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

How do children learn in kindergarten?     
 Every child is a unique individual who comes to school with diverse levels of knowledge about how the world works. According to current research, these children have at least one thing in common; that is how they best learn.
Kindergarten children learn through a variety of approaches.
They include: 
 * through inquiry 
 * through real-life contexts
 * through exploration  
 * through explicit instruction  
With the exception of the last approach, these have something in common. 
They rely on play as the way to help children reach their learning goals. 

Wish List for 101 2018-19 school year
* items for dramatic play  (old cameras, phones, pot holders )
*board games ( high ho cherry-o, ladybug game, connect four, perfection, headbands, hungry hippo, monopoly junior)
*washable finger paint
*scrap paper for drawing
* cars, trucks, matchbox cars
*magazines for cutting



SMS Mission Statement

St. Mary Catholic School is a community called to be disciples of Jesus and dedicated to the development of each student's faith and academic life. 



SMS PBIS expectations:
     Be Respectful
     Be Responsible
     Be Safe

Classroom Rules
1.  Be nice to others
2.  Raise your hand
3.  Follow directions the first time.
4.  Use an inside voice.


For incoming Kindergarten Parents: Sometimes we wonder as parents, what is expected of our kindergarten child, especially if he/she is our first! The list below gives you an idea as to what is expected.  If you ever have any questions about the school year please don't hesitate in sending me an e-mail at haskin@stmb.org. I look forward to a great school year!  Mrs. Askin


    There are many developmental and cognitive (thinking) skills that a child is expected to perform while in kindergarten.  These skills help a child develop into a successful student.  Some of these activities are:

·Getting into line when asked to do so.
·Taking care of personal belongings.
·Going to his/her seat quietly.
·Raising hand when wanting to speak.
·Following simple directions.
·Writing own name.
·Talking in front of other students.
·Walking in the hallways.
·Taking papers home to parents.
·Listening to the teacher and to other students when they are speaking.
·Bringing notes to and from school.
·Being able to copy words from the board
·Being able to answer questions when called upon.
     Encourage your child to perform these simple activities at school.  Once these skills become second nature to your child, he/she will encounter greater success in school situations.