Second week of Advent starts Sunday!


2,4,6,8-- First grade is really great!

We are taking donations for Mrs. Thorngate to give to her at the Christmas concert since it will be her final K-5 concert at SMS. 

We are working on organizational skills and taking proper care of our school books and supplies. Many of us have ripped our name tags and book covers, cracked our plastic supply bins, and broken several of the class pencil sharpeners including the electric sharpener. Please encourage your child to take care of his/her things. We are only one-third of the way through the school year. The things mentioned above need to last for the entire year!

This past week:
Math--We have been doing a better job writing story problems to go with a given number sentence. We like the challenge! We are trying to be more fluent in learning our math facts. We should not have to use our fingers for simple facts that we should know. We practice them a lot!

Reading--We listened to our read-aloud story cards which talked about the different ways to measure time. We can use clocks, watches, calendars, and schedules. We then read a funny story about a boy being late for school. We wrote sentences that told about the beginning of the story, the middle, and the end.

Phonics--We practiced reading and writing words that have the long "a" sound spelled with silent "e" at the end. Some of those words were "bake, tape, and name. We even made a magic "e" to use when we wrote the words on our whiteboards and the blackboard. It was fun!

Religion--We talk about our Advent calendar each day. We discuss the importance of helping others by the good deeds that we do. We also put paper ornaments on our Jesse Tree. We like hearing Bible stories about the important people who came before Jesus. 

Social Studies--We read a story about St. Nicholas and watched a video about his life. We learned that he helped people and wanted to make them happy. We did not know that he was a bishop who wore a red cape. Thank you, St. Nicholas, for being such a giving person!

Monday, December 10th-- 
Tuesday, December 11th--Student Council Mtg.
Wednesday, December 12th--Christmas Concert at 7:00
Thursday, December 13th--Out of uniform day
Friday, December 14th-- mass