Thanks for everything!


2,4,6,8-- First grade WAS really great!

Parents, thanks for all of your kind wishes, cards, and gifts! I am overwhelmed and humbled by your thoughtfulness! SMS will always hold a special place in my heart! I am blessed!

Boys and girls, thanks for a great school year! We learned so much together! I was happy to help you learn and grow!  
Some of our great memories include:
*singing our special prayers and songs together
*celebrating All Saints Day
*going to the Marquette game
*visiting the Pumpkin Farm
*taking food to Love, Inc.
*celebrating the 100th day of school
*going to the Milwaukee zoo
and so much more!

This summer be sure to:
--say your prayers
--practice your math facts
--read a little bit each day
--work on Lexia and SplashMath
--journal about summer activities
--AND have fun!