Art, just do it!

The wonders of God is everywhere. Encourage our students to sketch, draw and create what they observe. Our elements of Art are everywhere. Line, color, form, and space are just a few. 
All we need is a pencil and paper to create and practice imagination, individuality, emotion and originality. And remember, there are no mistake is Art. Finally, Art is yet another way to praise our God!

3 2 1 = Art 
In all our Art Classes, we will be using the 3 2 1 self assessment.
Our students will be using this after their Art projects to identify their strengths, build confidence, and see self growth.
Here's what it means:
3 Three : After the lesson,  each student records three things he or she learned from the lesson.
2. Two: students record two things that they found interesting and that they’d like to learn more about.
1 One: students record one thing they would change or do differently.

Watch for our 3 2 1 in Art. We will reference this in our Art journals, on the back of our projects and in class discussions. Stop in anytime to check out your Artists' 3 2 1!

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