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Upcoming Dates: Patriot's Pen Essay Winner Announcement on December 7th, 2018.

Wish List

More copies of STEM Literature Circle Books:  The Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Green Glass Sea, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, and the Phantom Tollbooth.

Large pillows for Mrs. Kramer's reading corner.


Healthy Snack ideas for Birthday/Holiday Treats
100% juice, milk, cheese/crackers, cereal bars without nuts, yogurt, animal or graham crackers, fresh fruit, fruit snacks, popcorn, pudding, goldfish, carrot or celery sticks, dried fruit, breakfast bars, bagels, granola bars, pretzels.

Social Studies:  

Ancient China:  Chapter 5
Section 1 & 2 Test
Silk Road Project 


Login information for textbook 

User Name: mrs.bingen1

Password: Social206 

Language Arts:  

2.1-2.5 Test

Pronouns Chapter: First, Second & Third Person Pronouns; Singular and Plural; Masculine, Feminine & Neuter Pronouns, Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns

Vocabulary Unit 6

Quizlet practice site: https://quizlet.com/subject/vocabulary-Workshop-Level-A-Unit-6/

Sadlier website for vocabulary practice: https://bit.ly/2raKwNE

These are great sites to practice the vocabulary words for the upcoming assessment on Friday, December 14th.


Literature Circles

Theme “Young People Who Have Overcome Difficulties”

Book Titles Lexile

Wolf Brother 660

Where the Red Fern Grows 700

Crispin 730

Esperanza Rising 750

The Witch of Blackbird Pond 850

Students will be reading in small groups and will be completing weekly jobs: connecting to the text, summarizing, discussing, searching for new vocabulary, and creating visual representations of their reading. Students will create a final group skit or presentation as a final project.

Math: Chapter 4:

Divisibility Rules Quiz on Tuesday, December 18.

Divisibility Rules Video


Divisibility Rap


IXL lessons: E, H, and G These lessons may be worked on at home for additional practice.

Order of Operations - PEMDAS Shuffle  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfgtWthLvk4


6th graders study the Old Testament all year. We start with discussing and explaining how the Bible reveals God's saving love.

Unit 2, Chapter 7

Jacob is Chosen by God

Students will understand various aspects of Jacob's life.

Students will explain how God guided Jacob and brought good from his deceit.

Students will explain that God will guide us as he did Jacob.

https://bit.ly/2Nhvn5J Follow link for study help

See you at Mass!

Science: 6th grade studies Earth Science all year.

Students will learn the layers of the Earth, convection currents, Harry Hess and sea-floor spreading, Alfred Wegener and the continental drift. We will then move to tectonic plates.

Layers of the Earth Model and Short Story: Student have a project sheet and rubric for this assignment. The Earth model is to be done at home. I suggested to the students that they work on the model 15 minutes a night. The story will be done is class. The only reason students might have to work on the story at home is if class time is not used wisely. The project is due Friday, December 14.

There will a tasty tectonics activity too. 



Login information for textbook 

This link currently takes you to the wrong book. We are working with the publisher to correct this.

user name :  Kramer16
password:    science205


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