Welcome and 2nd Grade News

Happy Summer!

The AR goals are now set up for each student. the summer period goes until September 4. Students can login to STAR and go to the AR tab and see their goal and take the tests on books completed this summer. 

Students will have a summer AR goal to help them continue to progress in their reading. I will set it up in the first week of vacation. They will be able to take AR reading tests at home throughout the summer. A reward will be earned if their goal is reached.  It would also be helpful if they continued to practice the math facts and skills learned this year. Any amount of time in practice will be valuable. They can use the Helpful Websites tab on this web page for Math.

Another area that students can continue to practice is cursive writing. They will bring home their Handwriting books which have pages that can be used for practice. We have diligently worked to learn cursive and it would be helpful to practice this summer so they can be confident cursive writers in the fall.

Thank you, parents, for all your support this year! I have greatly enjoyed teaching your children. They have grown academically, socially, and spiritually! It has been my pleasure to be their teacher this year.

Reading Log - NOTE-- New Reading Log for April - June

The Reading Log has changed for the last few months of the year. The Reading Response Sheet will have places for two responses each week. The big change is that the students should choose their responses from the READING RESPONSE SHEET is in the Homework Folder. (It can also be seen on the Homework subheading on the website if it gets misplaced.)

There are 15 responses to choose from-some are familiar and some are new. The students should choose 2 different ones in the week and they should do all of the choices by the end of the trimester. Of course they may choose a response more than once. Encourage neat handwriting and detailed sentences.

Remember your child does not have to finish the book to respond to a question. Please have your child write the number of the response from the sheet near the date.

Thank you so much for your continued support! Your children are amazing and such a blessing to teach!


The Reading log sheet will be found in the Homework Folder on Mondays. My expectations are that the students will write more detailed sentences with the variety of  response forms for the next few months.

You will also notice that on the other side is a place to record the book titles, number of minutes, and the dates of the reading your child is  completing. All students will benefit from reading independently and reading orally to an adult. The reading log will continue to be given to the students on Mondays and should be returned in the Homework Folder the following Monday. Please encourage neat handwriting and detailed complete sentences.

The second graders are wonderful readers and they are progressing well. They are encouraged to choose chapter books that are at their level to continue their progress. I would be happy to help students choose a book if they would like some help. Remember, your child does not have to finish the book to complete the response sheet.

You will find a description of the class procedures and routines in the subheading at the left. It tells about the folders, birthdays, homework, and more. If you have any questions I can address them with an email, note or a visit. 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful and amazing children with me!

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