Some Important Notes:
- If you have already completed your service hours, these requirements do not apply to you... but keep serving your communities at home anyway!
- If you have remaining hours your remaining hours will still need to be approved through MobileServe, but the criteria will be more at-home based.
- Instead of internal or external please chose the "Quarantine" category if performed during/after Spring Break. 
- Your remaining hours, both internal and external will be combined to fulfill your Quarantine Hours Requirement.
DETAILS - please give as much detail in your description as possible... the more detail, context, and information you provide, the more likely it will be accepted.
Pictures & Email - Please take pictures (REQUIRED) as another level of authentication for your service along with the required email verification just as before.
- Supervisors - Parents/Guardians will serve as your supervisors.
- PICTURE VERIFICATION - Take a picture of you performing the prayer/service and upload to MobileServe when logging your hours.

****Don't forget to claim 1 (or 2) quarantine hours by following @dragonministry on Instagram - watch the story and posts for instructions and details. 
If you do not have an Instagram account, I recommend creating one (with your parent's/guardian's permission). I will be sharing a lot of information and regular prayer opportunities through this account.

2. *NEW* Select Quarantine Category (not internal or external)
3. A MORE thorough description/reflection
4. *NEWPicture Verification when logging hours on MobileServe- easier to download the MobileServe app on a smartphone
5. *NEW* Parent email verification
6. Approval by Mr. Bommarito
Faith Impacting Real Experience (F.I.R.E.)
As we re-evaluate what our Dragon FIRE Hours look like this semester, I think we stick to the roots of the program - Faith & Impact

First and foremost... our FAITH and trust in Jesus should precede everything that we do -- even when we aren't "perfect" and our relationship with God isn't "perfect" either. We are all a work in progress!
Second, we use that relationship as motivation, that example of love from God as a springboard to serve others. The goal is to positively affect the world around us. To positively IMPACT others through acts of service.
---So who are the people around us? In most cases, right now, it is our family. Our FIRST community.

**A lot of your remaining FIRE Hours will be serving them (with parents/guardians as supervisors).

Be creative at home: 
  • doing the dishes
  • cleaning the house
  • working on a project that needs to get done
  • raking leaves
  • pulling weeds
  • mowing the lawn
  • making dinner
  • shopping for the family
  • build community by Initiating family game nights
  • actually engaging in conversation with siblings, parents, etc. 
  • participating in Mass or services via live stream options and inviting your family to join
  • pray a rosary together
  • Go to confession at your parish
Or go outside your immediate family:
  • do some yard work for an elderly neighbor
  • write letters to senior living communities (don't lick the envelopes
  • Facetime with a grandparent or elderly person who could use some much needed conversation
  • write letters to the imprisoned
  • deliver groceries to someone who can't/shouldn't leave the house
Or be more creative than me! Come up with some other options -- Just run the idea past me to make sure it will work for FIRE Hours.
We are flexible - we understand the limits, but we know that you can rise to the occasion. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Billy Bommarito
Director of Campus Ministry
Director of St. Mary's Theatre
St. Mary's High School
4701 S. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis MO 63111
314.481.8400 ext. 192


Dragon FIRE (Faith Impacting Real Experiences)

A Program of Apostolic Outreach in the Marianist Tradition

St. Mary’s High School

“Preach the faith first of all by your lives.” Blessed William Joseph Chaminade 

“Action is more important than theory.” Blessed Jakob Gapp, SM

    Committed to developing Christian leaders in the Marianist tradition, St. Mary’s High School provides a program of apostolic outreach that seeks to educate all students for service, justice, peace, and the integrity of creation through the offering of their time, talent, and treasure in service of God and their neighbor. Recognizing the importance of our own baptismal call and embracing the invitation and challenge of Blessed Chaminade that, “We are all missionaries,” the Theology department and Campus Ministry program at St. Mary’s will seek to engage and guide each student of the Dragon family in the proclamation of the Good News through this program of charitable service.