Meet Mrs. Maloney

  • Let me introduce myself…    

    Hello!  I am Mrs. Angie (Fisse) Maloney.  I was born and raised in Greensburg, Indiana.  I attended St. Mary’s Elementary School and then went on to Greensburg Community Schools for Jr. High and High School.  I then studied Elementary Education at Indiana State University.    St. Mary’s meant so much to me as a student and I could never imagine myself teaching anywhere else but there.   So…..I feel extremely blessed that after I graduated from college, I began my journey as a teacher at St. Mary’s.  In 2001 I started teaching in a second grade classroom and am now teaching 3rd and 4th Grade Reading. I am also currently the St. Mary's Knights Archery Team Coach.

    Since beginning my teaching career, I married my husband Rob and we now have three beautiful boys who are all attending St. Mary’s School this year. 

    I look forward to a great school year.  I know that with God’s love and guidance and the support of parents, we can make this a fantastic year for the students!  If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

  • God Bless You!