Photo Gallery

St. Mary's 1935: A selection of photos showing the original external and internal Architect's drawings of the church and a series of photographs sowing the almost completed church. The cost of buying the rights of the photographs was paid for through HLF funding.

Baptism: Photos from the Baptism of Paul Hamilton and Abby-Rose Anderson

Worship: A selection of photos showing worship

Expressions of Grace: A selection of graceful photos

St. Mary's Parish from the Roof: Photos taken from the roof of the church across the parish in different directions. Courtesy of Julian Haddow, who sadly is leaving the area for Brighton which you may be able to see in the distance!

Light Party: Photos of our Light Party in October 2015


Wedding exhibition: An exhibition of local wedding photographs from when the building opened until present day. Displays of clothing, artifacts and the very popular photo montage and activities. The whole event was part of a weekend of celebrating marriage. Over 500 people attended. Drew in former church members too. Oldest dress on display was from 1944. Photographs dated back to 1935.

International Weekend: An evening of entertainment, food and dancing! About 100 people attended, partially funded through HLF and was a cross culture event

80th Anniversary Service: A special service with displays and people’s stories. Displays and booklet produced sponsored by HLF.

Flower Festival: One of the earliest HLF sponsored event which was surprisingly popular with the local community with over 350 people attending. It was a great opportunity for volunteers to learn new skills and put them to a purposeful use. The event was successful despite the weather!

Queens Tea Party: A really successful event which drew in the community, an outdoor event that suddenly had to come indoors due to the weather! Over 250 people attended and had afternoon tea in the church. Displays of the queen and some stunning church decorations by the volunteers made this a special event. Partially sponsored by HLF.

Volunteer Trip: A trip into London designed to encourage our volunteers to think wider about their presentation an approach to events. Visited the V and A and several boutique/bespoke shops in the Soho and Bond Street areas. IN the V and A we looked at the exhibition ‘Shoe’ and ‘Raj Jewels, both very different from each other but inspiring in their approach to display. 12 volunteers attended this trip.

Brighton Coach Trip: A trip for 54 people 60% community members 40% church members. Brighton was voted for as it was a place 85% of the coach party had not visited before, a day to explore the beautiful town of Brighton and to spend some time experiencing the historical pier, the Shambles and stony beach! History quizzes and questionnaire for research were completed by all!

Light Party: A church event with gifts and 2 activities funded by HLF, the photo booth and a craft activity. Over 70 families attended.

Autumn Festival: Part of the Harvest celebration, HLF sponsored some displays and children’s activities encouraging families into the church. Approximately 30 community (non user) families attended.