Mission Statement

A Catholic Community committed to education

“St. Mary’s true to its traditions continues to be a community of faith and learning that fosters idealism, inspires hearts and informs minds in the wisdom which enables people to know and to do what is right”.

This community and its mission of educational service are grounded in the Gospels and therefore are inseparable from a value system that includes –

• an acknowledgement of the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of each person;
• encouragement and affirmation for all;
• concern for the needs and rights of others;
• protection for all who are vulnerable in our midst.

Towards this end a community environment is promoted in order to develop students:-
• who are motivated to live their lives in accordance with Gospel values;
• who are inner-directed and capable of choosing freely in accordance with their conscience;
• who will play their full roll in the wider community as citizens who are informed, trustworthy and confident in their responsibilities.