128th Academic Year of Spiritan Education in Rathmines

Ghana Immersion 2018

Students fill out the application form online before Wednesday 17th January.
They will be interviewed in school in the weeks after that.
Invitations will be issued before the February mid-term break.

The Browning Version

Review of The Browning Version

Films and plays about inspiring teachers have long been box office favourites, from Goodbye Mr Chips to Dead Poets’ Society. But what about the teachers who never win the hearts of their pupils? Do they just skulk away, unloved, to that great staff room in the sky? In this year’s St Mary’s College Student Drama Society production, The Browning Version, Andrew Murray gives a poignant portrayal of Mr Crocker-Harris – an unpopular classics teacher whose last working day goes from bad to worse. Sensitively directed by Ultan Stanley (ably assisted by Fiachra Larney), this play by Terence Rattigan is deeply touching. The play begins when one of Crocker-Harris’ students, Taplow, a finely measured performance by Robert Mooring, drops by his room to ask about exam results. We are drawn into a tense, academic environment, emphasised by the shadowy downward lighting and of course, the natural school setting. One by one, we meet all the characters one might expect, from the self-important and populist Headmaster, played impressively by Owen O’Grady, to Mr Hunter, the popular, smug teacher who is a dab hand at cricket as well as everything else, a mature performance by John Maher. As poor Crocker-Harris’ future unravels, we pity him even though pity is the one emotion he fears most. Murray gives a genuinely moving performance as the dignified, retiring teacher and the entire cast bring this show to life with a nuanced energy. Patrick Goodwin is menacing as the disloyal brother, Oliver Grant appropriately naive as Crocker-Harris’ anxious, rookie replacement and all in all, if you missed this show, you missed a real treat.