Welcome to the web page for Physical Education and Athletics for Saint Mary's School.   We are proud to be a member of the Coastal Catholic League (CCL) of Brevard and Catholic Youth Sports (CYS) of the Diocese of Orlando.  We will participate in a different sport just about every two months of the school year.  Our schedule will be a bit different than in the past as we align our sports seasons with CYS.  This is so all the counties for the Diocese of Orlando will play each sport season at the same time of the year.  Brevard County Schools will still compete with Brevard County schools.  However this schedule will also allow any Brevard County Middle School Championship team to participate in a" Regional Playoff" with champions of the other counties in the Diocese.  Go Cougars!!!
    CYS will also have programs available for K - 5 students to participate. With this opportunity comes the even greater need for coaches.  If anyone thinks they might be interested in coaching a sport, either K - 5 or 6 - 8, this year or next year, please contact the school office or e-mail me at golson@stmarys-school.org to find out the requirements each coach will need.  First requirement will be to come into the school office and get an appointment to have a fingerprint card done, for the fingerprints must "clear" the system before any coach can be allowed to start.  You may find all the requirements beyond fingerprints on the "Coaches Corner" section of the CYS web page.  See the link below. Thank you so much for your time.  

Any questions about Athletics should be directed toward coach Olson (AD) or Ms. Basinger School Principal.  Thank you.