Working with Text - Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows

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Word 2010 is a software developed by Microsoft to make text editing and document construction far simpler and more accessible. Word replaces traditional pen and paper as well as typewriters as a way of taking down text information.

The Quick Access Toolbar gives easy access to common commands such as Undo and Save and saves screen space by becoming integrated with the title bar. Click the drop-down arrow to choose which commands are visible. The far right side of the Quick Access toolbar still retains the common minimize, maximize, and exit buttons of Windows.

The Ribbon is the main toolbar of Word 2010, where commands that are most used are stored. Each tab on the Ribbon contains a different selection of tools, ordered from most often used on the left to least often used on the right. As well, contextual tabs may load at some occasions, when certain items or objects have been selected. Unlike previous versions of this software, Ribbon items and their locations are also customizable, if you dislike the standard Microsoft layout.    

Backstage is a new feature that aids in the management of files. Here, it is possible to create, save, and send documents here, as well as inspect them for hidden metadata or personal information. The ability to set most Word options, such as toggling AutoComplete suggestions as well as to modify the ribbons, is also here. The Information Tab, a new feature in Backstage, displays different metadata, commands, and properties depending on the state and type of the document, as well as the storage location. Commands on this tab include the ability to Check In to editing the file, Check Out of the same, and Permissions to control the accessibility of others. Options are highlighted depending on the document type currently being edited.

Helpful Videos

Here, we've included a few videos to help with not only understanding the capability of the Word 2010 suite, but also to give useful tutorials and pointers to make your experience with this software far easier.

Word 2010: For all of your revolutionary ideas.

Official Office Videos: Word 2010

  • The above videos were linked from the official Microsoft Office YouTube channel. Additional videos are there for your perusal.
  • Word 2010 Essential Training from's repository of videos is also a fantastic aid. If you would like access to these videos, feel free to contact CaTS Training Services at either or extension 6275 on any campus phone.

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