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Do's and Don'ts

  • Show up on time to work, ready to work. This doesn't mean show up and then ask to go get food. (However, a bathroom run is usually acceptable.)
  • Wear your CaTS name tag so it is clearly visible.
  • Be polite and respectful when dealing with customers. Be professional! It reflects well on CaTS and yourself!  People may not remember when you are civil and polite, but they will remember when you are rude. Why leave a bad impression?
  • Follow procedures for Time Off Requests (48 hours ahead is the expectation!) and keeping your availability current using
  • Be available. Stay in communication with your direct supervisor. Know where they can be reached and when! Also, be reachable yourself! Give reliable contact information that will get a hold of you regularly.
  • Read your e-mails.  E-Mail is an official method of communication with Saint Mary's College students. Failure to check your Saint Mary's College E-Mail account or forward E-Mail to the account you use is not an acceptable justification for missing important information sent to you by the College via E-Mail.