General Physics II for Life Science Majors

This course is part of a two-course sequence that provides an introduction to physics for students majoring in the biological and health sciences. This semester covers topics in electricity, magnetism, and optics. Prerequisite: Physics 10.

INSTRUCTOR: Wendy R. Altman, Ph.D,— Galileo 100

OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday 11:40-12:30, Thursday TBD or by appointment, additional office hours will be offered the day before an exam.

SYLLABUS: pdf file


  • SECTION 1: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:15AM - 10:20AM, Galileo Hall, Room 202
  • SECTION 2: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:30AM - 11:35AM, Galileo Hall, Room 202
  • Fantastic video about scale (voice over is a bit cheesy):
  • Interesting piece about "learning styles" or at least the myth of them: Guardian Article
  • School of Science STEM Career Panel on 4/20 in Galileo 201, 6-7:30 PM
  • Saint Mary’s has a new STEM Center in Assumption 200 for students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM Center will provide several useful services, including FREE TUTORING in math, chemistry, physics, and biology. The core math/physics hours are 7-9PM and the core chemistry hours are 6-8PM. New hours in each discipline are currently being added, and the updated hours will be posted in the STEM Center: Assumption 200. The STEM Center is also a great space to meet up with your classmates to work on math and science, so stop by anytime between 11AM and 9PM.
  • Summer Research at SMC
SCHEDULE (Subject to Change):

 02/13    Ch14, Bill Nye Static Charge DemoElectrostatics & Electric Charge 
 02/15 Ch14Electrostatics & Electric Charge  
 02/17 Ch14Conductors and Nonconductors (dielectrics), Coulomb's Force Law, Electric Potential EnergyHW 1 & 2 due at 11:59pm
 02/20  Ch14, Ch15, YouTube video about drawing E field linesIntroduction to Electric Field and PotentialHW 3 due at 11:59pm
 02/22 Ch15Electric Field and PotentialHW 4 due at 11:59pm
 02/24 Ch15Electric Field and Potential, homework review.HW 5 due at 11:59pm on Sunday night, enjoy your Friday evening!!!
 02/27 Ch15Conductors and Dielectrics in an Electric Field, grounding, shielding
 03/01 Ch15,  YouTube Video about Capacitors/CapacitanceCapacitors!HW 6 due at 11:59pm
 03/03 Ch15, Ch16Capacitors, Electric CurrentHw 7 due at 11:59pm
Exam Review: chance to do more problems and further highlight electrostatics in biology and chemistry 
 03/08 Covers Ch14 and Ch15 Exam 1 (Equations & Constants Sheet) 
 03/10 Ch16Electric Current   
 03/13 Ch16, Refer to MasteringPhysics announcement/email for link to slidesDC Electric Circuits IntroHW 8 due at 11:59pm
 03/15 Ch16Ohm's Law, Circuit AnalysisHW 9 due at 11:59pm
 03/17  Ch16Circuit Analysis, Joule's Law and Kirchhoff's rules 
 03/20 Ch16, Video: What is a SemiconductorVideo: TransistorsResistors and circuit analysis HW 10 due at 11:59pm
 03/22 Ch16DC Circuit Analysis Bonanza 
 03/24 Ch16Exam Review: chance to do more problems and further highlight the relevance of DC circuits/models in biology and chemistryHW 11 due at 11:59PM
 03/27 Covers Ch16Exam 2 
 03/29 Ch17Magnetic Fields and Force 
 03/31 Ch17Magnetic Force and MaterialsHomework 12 due at 11:59pm
 04/03 Ch17Magnetism in Biology and Chemistry (Problem Solving), Electromagnetic Induction 
 04/05 Ch18Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Flux Homework 13 due at 11:59PM
 04/07 Ch18Lenz's Law, Faraday's Law, Electromagnetic Induction: Problem solving, Generators, Transformers 
  SPRING BREAK 04/10-04/17  
 04/19 Ch18Electromagnetic Induction: Problem solving, Generators, Transformers Homework 14 due at 11:59pm (short one!)
 04/21 Ch21Light sources, Propagation, Shadows, Reflection and RefractionHomework 15 due 4/23 at 11:59pm (long one)
 04/24 Exam Review chance to do more problems and further highlight the relevance of electromagnetic induction in biology and chemistry
 04/26 Covers Ch17 and Ch18Exam 3 
 04/28 Ch21Light sources, Propagation, Shadows, Reflection and Refraction 
 05/01 Ch21Reflection and RefractionHomework 16 due at 11:59pm (short one)
 05/03 Ch22Mirrors and Lenses 
 05/05 Ch22Mirrors and Lenses (Microscopy)
 05/08 Ch23Wave Optics (will review waves) 
 05/10 Ch23Wave Optics 
 05/12 Ch23Wave Optics
 05/15 Ch24 Electromagnetic Waves  
 05/17 Ch24 Electromagnetic Waves, Energy and Polarization 
 05/19  Final Review
 5/22 Section 2 (10:30am class) Monday 10:30am-12:30pm 
 5/24 Section 1 (9:15am class)     Wednesday 8:00am-10am (so early!!!) 

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