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       St. Mary Parish School Mission Statement     
    Celebrating Spiritual Growth
    while providing academic excellence
    in a Christ-centered environment

    Service Project for Nia Imani
    Please watch for a sign up genius on items that fifth and seventh graders will be collecting for
    the ladies at Nia Imani. For this service project, we are just focusing on the Mom’s and not the 14 children. The children will ultimately be hearing stories read to them by their Mom with the books received. We will be collecting new children's books with "Mother" themes stories and personal
    care products. Some Mom's from the center will be coming to visit on May 8 and we will present them
    with a book and Mother's Day gift bag. Look for the sign up genius sometime next week.

    Change it Up Challenge
    Thanks to all those who sent in change and their pledge sheets. It was a fun filled week of raising
    funds for our school. Blessings to all who helped out.

    Cafeteria Reflection Sheet

    New this quarter for all intermediate students is a cafeteria reflection sheet. During the last 5 minutes of their lunch, the lights go off and students are expected to finish eating their lunch in silence. If a student is not able to utilize their self-control during this time, they will need to fill out a reflect sheet before they can go outside. The student will then need to show it to you for homework, get your signature on, and bring it back the next day. Failure to bring it back with a parent signature on will result in the loss of a dojo point.

    Classroom Website:
    I will be using this website as my main means of communicating important information throughout the year. Please regularly check my website for information and announcements. My site will be updated almost every week on Fridays. 

    Class Dojo:

    Please use the code you obtained at our open house to connect with our class on Class Dojo. Try to check it at least once a day to stay up to date on your child's school day. Thank you! This information is used to help determine your child's learning behaviors on the report card.

    Safeguarding All God's Family:
    Please remember that if you'd like to volunteer in the classroom/school, you need to have completed all the steps for Safeguarding God's Children. This includes field trips, class activities, Watch Dog Dad, etc. You can check in the office to make sure your file is up to date.

    Your child’s grades are accessible online through Power School. Please check your child’s progress periodically throughout the the year.

    Students are encouraged to retake quizzes and tests to improve their understanding of their grade/score. We believe in fostering a Growth Mindset in our students at St. Mary Parish School. So with teacher feedback and through their test corrections, students are able to recognize the standards and goals they need to strive toward to continue advancing their independent learning.
    The procedure for retakes is the following:
    * Students will have time after tests or quizzes have been shared to study and retake the assessment.
    * I will announce to students when the retake for an assessment is and to post it in the classroom. 
      I will also do my best to post it on the classroom website calendar. 
    * Students will be encouraged to write dates for retakes in their assignment note book.
    * Students should take notes in their assignment notebook on what they need to study for their retake  
       when their quiz or test is given back. I give them time in class to do this.
    * Students will be required to return their test to me after they have taken notes on what to restudy.
    * Students should ask me questions on concepts if they need further explanation.
    * Students can show up on the retake day at 10:00 or individually let me know if they wish to retake it.
    * Students will retake just the incorrect problems using a different color to show their new thinking.
    * Retakes will be awarded half or a quarter credit points depending on the retake answer. 
    * Retake grades will be posted on Power School.

    Grading Scale for 3rd - middle school
    A+100     B+91 - 89     C+82 - 79   D+69 - 68
    A99 - 95 B88 - 86 C78 - 75 D67 - 66


    94 - 92 B-85 - 83 C-74 - 70 D-65
    4- I completely understand the material, and could teach it to someone else. 
    3- I am right where I should be in understanding the material. 
    2- I am still working to understand the information. 
    1- I am having difficulty understanding the material.  

    Posted Apr 11, 2019, 2:43 PM by Mariterese LaBissoniere
  • Scholastic Book Orders on line
    Book Orders:
    There are 2 simple ways for you to order books.
    Go online to: www.Scholastic.com and use our class activation code of HFHKK. The book club will send me an email indicating that you have placed an order.

    You can also choose to fill out the form on the back of the flier and return the form in an envelop along with a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.

    Intermediate Hallway Behavior:
    Students will be held accountable for hallway.  They are expected to BEAM in the halls so as to not interrupt the learning of others.   Ask your child what the letters in BEAM stand for.

    Homework Expectations:
    Fifth graders are expected to complete all their homework daily. If a student has missing or incomplete work their will be expected to do it for their nightly homework. The purpose of this is for students to take responsibility of their work and develop better study skills.  

    Posted Oct 18, 2018, 7:22 PM by Mariterese LaBissoniere
  • Specials
    Here are the times for when room 116 has specials:
    Monday:       Phy Ed - 1:00 - 1:45         
    Tuesday:      Library - 1:20 - 1:55  
                         Guidance first Tuesday of every month at 2:00 -2:30
    Wednesday: Music - 8:00-8:45        Technology - 8:45 - 9:30      
    Thursday:    Art - 1:00 - 1:45           Music - 1:45 - 2:30
    Friday:         Phy Ed - 8:00 - 8:45     Spanish - 1:45 - 2:30
    Posted Sep 15, 2017, 12:09 PM by Mariterese LaBissoniere
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Recent Happenings

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  • Other: We are working on the virtue of obedience. This means to do what is rightfully asked of you by trusted authority without hesitation or resistance. An example of how to ...
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Quizzes, Tests & Projects

  • Quizzes: Students will have a quiz in Family Life on Tuesday, April 16. That is the same day their prayer is due. Fifth graders have a special packet that they take ...
    Posted Apr 11, 2019, 3:14 PM by Mariterese LaBissoniere
  • Tests: Vocab and Spelling Unit 14 will take place on Friday, April 12.Capitalization and Punctuation test will be on April 17. Please encourage your child to review vocabulary/spelling words ...
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  • Projects: Writing and Powerpoint Students have been working on their Western Expansion project. Paper with sources and rubric should have been turned in Friday, April 12. If they did not, they ...
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