April 2019

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Welcome to 4K!

“Celebrating spiritual growth while providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment”

This year's theme is "Live as disciples of Christ."

Upcoming Dates:ember 14th-Spirit Wear 
  • April 17th- Field Trip (Scout Lake in Greendale)
  • April 18th-Egg Hunt with buddies
  • April 19th-April 28th: Spring Break
  • May 10th-Mother's Day Tea @10am (Art Room)

Volunteers: If you are interested in volunteering, our specials teachers (art, P.E. Computers) would love to have you help during our scheduled times! Parents/volunteers must be safeguarded prior to helping in the classrooms. Please refer to the school website regarding safeguarding classes.    


The Week Ahead:
  • Theme: Easter
  • Letters of The Week: Review
  • Number of the Week: Review
  • I CAN DO IT STATEMENTS               
                *I can identify a given letter.
                *I can identify the sounds letters make. 
                *I can write an upper and lowercase letter.
                *I can count up to 20 objects.
                *I can find the numbers through 20.
                *I can write the numbers through 20.
                *I can order numbers through 20.
                *I can use tally marks to represent a number.
                *I can make groups of 10 to show 100.
                *I can count by 10's to 100.
                *I can retell the Easter story.
                *I can grow closer to God during lent.
    209 IS DOING FINE!    
Here's what we've been doing................

                ~Students practiced finding upper and lowercase Y's. 
                        ~ Students "cracked" open eggs to reveal a CVC word.
                        ~ Students wrote about what they'd do if THEY were the Easter bunny

                   ~Counted out a different set of objects daily, wrote that number and used tally marks to represent it
                   ~Found missing number using a number line and identified the number before and after
                   ~ drew a picture to represent a word problem
                   ~found the sum of two single digit numbers

Social Emotional: 
                   ~Play areas last week included a flower shop, planting carrots in the garden, "egg-tra" special sensory table filled with chicks and eggs and partner activities in which students work together on a given literacy or math concept

                  ~Students are continuing to learn about Lent and chose someone to include in their prayers during the lenten season

Science/Social Studies:
            ~Made structures using jellybeans and toothpicks


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