A Quick Glimpse Into the Classroom

6th Grade News: Ancient Rome and Greece have been fun and we are wrapping them up with some fun plays and 3D models of the Colosseum. Our next adventure will take us to the America's were we will be discovering the Olmec, Maya, Inca, and Aztec people. 

7th Grade News:  With half the year done and gone we are switching our focus from geography and starting American history. I am moving a typical 8th grade curriculum to 7th because it is so dense that it is impossible to cover it all in just one year, so I am teaching it in 1.5. We are starting with the race for land and the Europeans "discovering" America.

8th Grade News:  MANIFEST DESTINY!!! America's border has expanded west, and we are hungry for more. The only problem, there are already people in these "new" lands. How is America going to handle these people and new lands? We shall see during 3rd quarter.