Welcome to 4th A

       Welcome to our school year 2017!  My name is Juliana Porto Lund and I am looking forward to be working, learning and sharing activities, curriculum and experiences with your child as their Social Studies teacher and 4th A homeroom teacher.

     This is my third year working at Saint Mary School.  I graduated in Medicine and have been teaching Portuguese as Foreign Language for more than 16 years. I trust that together we can make the best of your child learning experience.

       Thank you in advance for your involvement and support!

Bellow you will find the teacher staff that will be working with your child in 4th grade A




§  Language Arts

§  Math

§  Lengua y Literatura

§  Integrated Science

§  Social Studies

§  Religion

§  P.E.

§  Integrated Technology

§  Art.

§  Music

·         Dance



§  Mr. Luis Hernandez

§  Ms. Luzana

§  Mr. Freddy

§  Ms. Aida Barberena

§  Ms. Juliana Porto L.

§  Mrs. Claudia Martinez

§  Mr. Denry Pong

§  Mrs. Veronica Escorcia

§  Mrs. Miriam Guerrero

§  Mr.Jimmy

§  Ms.  Claudia Dávila

§  lhernandez@stmary.edu.ni

§  lgomezs@stmary.edu.ni

§  fespinoza@stmary.edu.ni

§  abarberena@stmary.edu.ni

§  jporto@stmary.edu.ni

§   cmartinez@stmary.edu.ni

§  dpong@stmary.edu.ni

§  vescorcia@stmary.edu.ni

§  mguerrero@stmary.edu.ni

§  jaguilar@stmary.edu.ni

§  cdavila@stmary.edu.ni




School events, you should be aware of, are in the school calendar. We hope that you will enrich our events with your presence.

Please remember these days might be subject to change, which will be notified in advance through email.

Juliana Porto L. (4th A Homeroom Teacher) 

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