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The Case of the Pilfered Pie

This assignment was a breakout activity. The Case of the Pilfered Pie involves puzzles that you need to solve to unlock different locks. My partner and I worked well together. She would tell me the important information to write down and then we would solve it together.There were many different types of locks including the six color lock, the four direction lock, the time lock, the ten letter word lock, and the three-digit lock. I think that I provided mostly the math expertise because she did not understand the question as well as I did. The hardest question was the 3-digit lock because it involved a lot of calculating but I thought it was really fun to solve. Reading everything more carefully would have helped us. After thinking very carefully and cracking all the locks we solved the case! I really enjoyed this activity because the questions were very challenging and involved a lot of teamwork and we worked great together as a team.