About Me

My name is Nina and I'm in 8th grade. I am 13. I like to watch T.V. shows such as Survivor, Speechless and Gravity Falls. I love to play with my dog, Mandy. I have two older sisters. My favorite animal is a wolf or a kitten. I like to eat food and my favorite fast food place is Panda Express. I love to go to the movie theater but I don't go there often. My favorite movies are West Side Story, Gone With the Wind, The Fault in our Stars, Jurassic World and all the Harry Potter movies. I love to listen to music. I love Taylor Swift, Rachel Platten, Melanie Martinez and One Direction. My favorite song right now is Heathens by twenty one pilots . I'm super crazy and I always love to have a good time. My friends are all crazy and weird, just like me! We joke around and laugh A LOT!! My main friends are Mandi Moosie, Pancako, Sunny-D and Audrey;).