Please check site as needed for upcoming due dates and helpful websites.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade:

Please turn in typed copy of business letter on  4/03/17.

4/28/17 Vocab 14 due
5/01/17 Vocab 14 test
5/12/17 Vocab 15 due
5/15/17 Vocab 15 test


 Creative Writing:
4/26/17  Rough draft due
5/01/17   Final (typed) copy due
5/12/17  Diagramming Test

* Students will have a weekly language (DLR) quiz on Fridays, beginning 8/26/16.  They should prepare by studying their D.L.R. lessons.  For further assistance, they may attend tutoring on Friday mornings at 7:30.

The following website may be helpful for studying vocabulary:
For help with grammar topics, the following website is also helpful:

Mrs. Shurtleff