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www.wildonmath.com .  Here are a few other suggested APPS you can try:  Spelling Test by FunExam.com and Card Droid Math Flash Cards .Keep playing Mathletics!! www.spellcity.com  ABCya.com, www.mobymax.com/signin
Always check your child’s homework, before signing and check/sign behavior calendars daily   

Second Grade

            Study Skills Sheet          Sept. 25, 2017


                                                Decoding words with at and ate

                                                *Reading Homework – Return book and questions- Friday

                                                **HELP!  Some students are not returning the Reading Homework                                                             books on Friday.  Please, please return.


 Reading                             Wilson Sat Alone

 Decoding words with at and ate


Monday                              sat, ate, acrobat, flat, that, fat, gate,

Tuesday                             appreciate, create, state, worried, studied, children, each

                                                                                                                                                                                      Wednesday                        girl, raced, amazing, wandered, gathered, clustered

 Spelling                         **Test will be given on Thursday



Math –  Review Addition/ Subtraction with sums of 18- Do 15 minutes of Moby     Max-Moby Max – Fact Fluency every night.Math Journal, Chapter1- Lessons 6-10- Missing addends

Language Arts                Sentences- Naming Parts-Telling Part                           

 Social Studies                         Lesson-Science –Lions vrs. Tigers- Scholastic News

Texas Communities


 ó  8:00am                     Don’t forget to get a drink and use the restroom before coming in to class.

 Right Choice Lesson:

ó  Responsibility:      A wise old school teacher once said:  “ Never do for your child what your child can do for herself/himself” . . .you are helping them to be responsible and independent! 

 ó  Math Facts              Practice (addition and subtraction) every day. www.mobymax.com     -practice on “Fact fluency”

**** Sept. 30                St. Martha Catholic Church Fall Fesitval-noon-8pm

****Oct. 2- Parent/Teacher Conferences- Please be “on-time” for your

                                                   scheduled time. ThanksJ P.S.Students are required to attend.                             





















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