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Second Grade Study Skills Sheet           May 28, 2018



Reading        Chapter Book (provided): A-Z Mysteries-“Detective Camp” Ch. 5-10

            *NO Homework     

Vocabulary Words for Dictionary Dig: (In class)

Tuesday:  there, their, they’re, your, you’re 

Wednesday:  then, than, to, too, two

Math Cumulative review of all concepts learned in 2nd Grade Math

Problem solving, money, place value, graphs, time, addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, multiplication


Arts            Writing Process:  Personal Narrative- “My Second Grade Year”

Social Studies/Science Scholastic News_________________________________________


*Reminders: Please check this week’s e-Blast for more detailed information on upcoming events.  Right Choice Lesson: HONESTY


*      Monday, May 28th:  Memorial Day --NO SCHOOL

*      Tuesday, May 29th:  Students who have an odd number-# 1,3,5,7, etc. as their classroom number, may bring a board game to share with their classmates. We will play during the last hour of the day

*      Wednesday, May 30thNo Mass/Lunch in the classroom/Students may bring their yearbooks for Movie afternoon and yearbook signing (Your child may bring a small pillow or stuffed animal for Movie afternoon)

*      Thursday, May 31st:  Spirit Day/Crusader Clans, Drama Club Play 1 pm.

*    Friday, June 1st:  Last day of school/All School Mass/ NOON Dismissal/No B.A.S.P. or after school activities

Wishing you all a safe and super summer!  It has been my absolute pleasure being your child’s teacher this year! What a great class to end my teaching career with. Thank you for sharing your awesome child with me. God Bless!












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