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Second Grade Study Skills Sheet          May 30, 2017



Reading             Retelling a story, character, setting, problem, and solutions.  


Spelling                Word of the Day – 14 different ways to retain it . . . . . . NO HOMEWORK!


                   Cumulative review of all concepts learned in 2nd Grade Math

Problem solving, money, place value, graphs, time, addition and subtraction with Math regrouping, multiplication, DIVISION. . . . . . .  NO HOMEWORK!                              



Arts                    Dictionary Skills-Vocab. Words- look up in dictionary-Writing Process Review


Studies             Statue of Liberty                               



ó   June 1- Movie-board game-afternoon. One person from each team will bring in their favorite board game. They must know the rules. Snow White play 1:00 pm.            

ó   June 2    ALL school Mass -11:00am Dismissal – Last day of school


I have loved spending our second-grade year together. YOU are very special to me! Have a very blessed summer!



Mrs. Kaden……..eeeeeeek, BEES!
























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