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   May 22-26, 2017    

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No Homework!!!!!                                            Students will be able to match the vocabulary word to the correct definition and then use the word to complete the sentence.                                                                                                            

(Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday) 

Reading homework - Your child will get a reader each Monday. Practice reading the story each night (Mon. - Thurs.) and answer the questions on the back inside cover on sheet provided with book.  Answers MUST be in a complete sentence. Use best handwriting! These will be checked!  Turn sheet in on Friday with book.   Please sign this sheet as well as Spelling homework so I know parent checked their work. 

Generate rhyming words

Practice Word Families  (short a)  -ap, -at, ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -an 

(short i)  -id, -ig, -in, -ip, -it

(short o) -og, -op, -ot, -ow, -oy

(short e) -ed, -eg, -en, -et, -ew

(short u) -ub, -ug, -um, -un, -ung

Practice contractions 's, 'll, n't, 're,      've

(long vowels)

r controlled vowels or, ar, er, ir, ur


No Homework!!!!!


(Written Spelling test on Thursday)

Homework - Refer to Spelling Menu in homework folder.  Use best handwriting! Keep homework sheet in folder daily so I can check how it is progressing. Turn it in to me on Thursday.

Please sign the top of your child's homework. This tells me that you have checked it for Spelling and punctuation errors. Also, neatness counts!

Mon. - ABC order, start sentences
Tues. - Vowel Highlight, finish sentences
Wed. - Rainbow Words, Practice test
Thurs. - Test    -     Homework due!
Fri. - Return reader and answered questions from back of reader. Use complete sentences!