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Frequently asked questions

This is your go to guide on the Library and e-Learning Centre and is designed to help you answer all those ‘frequently asked questions’. If there is something that we haven’t covered here please come and see us or email:

When is the Library and e-Learning Centre open?

The Library and e-Learning Centre is open during the term time. Our hours are:
Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4.30pm

How do I borrow something from the Library and e-Learning Centre?

You need your cafe card in order to use our self checkout system. Remember, you are held responsible for all items issued to your card. If you have forgotten your card then please see a member of the library team at the front desk and they will issue these for you. If you borrow a DVD you will also need to collect the disc from the desk.

How many things can I take out?

Junior School - 10 items
Middle School - 20 items
Senior School - 20 items
Staff do not have any borrowing restrictions

How long are my books issued for?

Books - 2 weeks
eBooks - 3 weeks
Magazines - 1 week
DVDs - 1 week
Extended Essays - 2 weeks

How can I see what items I have out and when they are due?

You have three options for checking your account:
  1. Log into the Library Catalogue with your cafe card number and normal password to view your borrowing details including due dates and borrowing history
  2. Bring your cafe card to the Library and e-Learning Centre and use the Self Loan Station to view your account. You can also renew your overdue items here.
  3. Come and ask at the Library and e-Learning Centre desk or email

Can I renew items?

Yes - and they can be renewed twice provided no one is waiting for them. Just come to the Library with your cafe card use the self issue machine, see a member of the Library team, or email and let us know what you would like to renew.

Can I reserve a book or any other Library resource?

Yes - You will receive an email notification when your reserve becomes available. All reserves will be held for 7 days and you can collect these from the front desk.

What if I have overdue items?

You will receive an email notification when you have an overdue item. You can renew items twice if no one is waiting for it.
Overdue slips will be handed out by tutor teachers near the end of each school term. At this point, a letter will also be sent home about items that have been overdue for over one school term. If these are not returned within a few weeks then they will be charged to your account.

What happens if I have lost or damaged a book?

Please come and see a member of the Library team and talk about what has happened.
You will be charged the replacement cost of the book. This will be added to your school account.
If you can find an equivalent replacement copy then you may purchase this yourself for the Library. You will have 1 week to do this.

How do I return the items I have borrowed?
Place all items in the outside returns slot.

Do you keep lost property?
If you have left something in the Library we will hold it for 2 days and then all lost property items will go to Maggie's shop.

What do I do if I am leaving St Margaret’s College?

You must ensure all Library items are returned and that you have been officially ‘signed off’ by a member of the Library team. If you leave with Library resources you will be charged for the replacement costs.

Can I suggest a book for the Library to buy?

Yes you can!  Simply click on this link - Book Recommendations and fill in our online form. We will consult this list when we are purchasing new books.

Can I become part of the Library and e-Learning Committee?

Great! Come and see a member of the Library team and we can make this happen!