An introduction to  Moor Lane Church Pre-School
Moor Lane Church Pre-School is at the far end of Moor Lane in Cranham, in a quiet residential area and has been operating from Moor Lane Church for over 30 years.  We offer pre-school care and education for children between two and a half to four years, in a caring, supportive environment which is designed to help children to feel secure, confident and happy to learn.  Funded places for two and a half (subject to criteria), 3 and 4 year olds are available and fee-paying children are welcome.

We have a large hall for play activities, a smaller room for quieter activities such as story time and we also have a private, secluded outdoor play area which we use every day.

The staff team at Moor Lane Church Pre-School are fully qualified and committed to ensuring the children are learning through play in a happy, safe environment.  We work in partnership with parents, recognising their knowledge, to help their child develop and progress.  We monitor and review the progress made by all children at our setting, planning engaging activities to ensure their next steps are taken. We respond to individual needs and endeavour to overcome any barriers to learning.

We have experience in caring for children with additional needs and have previously had children in our setting with autism, dwarfism, down’s syndrome, behaviour issues, speech and language delay, physical disabilities, hearing impairment requiring Makaton. We ensure that all children have opportunities to participate in the activities at our pre-school and have worked closely with both parents and outside agencies to support the learning of children with additional needs, including the inclusion service, occupational therapist, speech and language service, behaviour support, child psychologist, area SENDco.

Our setting recognises the importance of early identification and intervention, as well as the assessment and provision for any child with special educational needs.  Our provision for children with additional needs  falls under four broad areas: communication and interaction, cognition and learning, social, mental and emotional health, sensory and/or physical.  Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, together with the child's key person oversees the identification of children with special educational needs and the provision being made for them in the setting.

We welcome children from all cultures, faiths and backgrounds.

In our setting we actively promote the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. These are interpreted for our youngest children as learning right from wrong; learning to take turns and share; and challenging negative views and stereotypes. Children's personal, social and emotional development is of prime importance, encouraged in our curriculum through clear, supported and negotiated behaviour boundaries, help to manage feelings and be part of a social group, giving children choices and decisions about play resources and activities

During the summer 2017 works are taking place to make the building wheelchair friendly.

Contact details

Enquiries should be made during Pre-School hours, either in person during a Pre-School session or by telephoning on 07599 930469, or alternatively through the Church Office (01708) 222562 (Mon - Fri 9:00am to 1:00pm).


E-mail us at: moorlanechurchpreschool@gmail.com

Current events

We have a busy time leading up to Christmas, learning all about autumn events and different cultural celebrations, as well as taking part in the Children in Need Appeal and concluding with our nativity play, when the children dress up, sing songs and retell the story of the nativity and our Christmas party, when we enjoy a show and father Christmas visits with presents for the children.

In the spring term we look at lots of things which happen in the winter, including the weather, the trees, which animals need to hibernate and which love icy surroundings, making warm vegetable soup, looking for the birds in our garden and making sure we have seed cake for them to eat.  Chinese New Year celebrations, our families and mother's day as well as Easter celebrations and we look at seasonal changes to the trees and weather and new life all around us.

Summer term - A visit from Hornchurch fire brigade, the children climb in the fire engine and spray water over the car park. We do some planting and see our bulbs and seeds grow and we focused on how to be healthy, through food and exercise. last year we watched chicks hatch from eggs. Topics such as schools, dads and grandads, holidays and around the world as well as mini-beasts, when we watch caterpillars develop into butterflies fill the final few weeks of the year at pre-school.

Our playground has been renovated and the children are enjoying this new area with the addition of lots of new toys and resources with which to explore and create.

Other Information

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