Sociedad Hispánica de la Amistad

The Sociedad Hispánica de la Amistad was established by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in the year of 2000.  The purpose of the Sociedad was to promote cross-cultural acceptance and understanding in students of Spanish and Portuguese and to encourage service to school and community. The motto of the society is "Todos a Una", All for one. The name of the chapter at Saint Luke School is Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, an extraordinary Mexican writer, poet, and intellectual. Our colors are red and gold
Every year, as the advisor of the Spanish Honor Society, Sociedad Hispánica de la Amistad, I look forward to welcoming students to the new chapter at Saint Luke School. Candidates for membership will consist of seventh and eighth grade students who have fulfilled the basic requirements:

  • A 93% average in the foreign language with an average effort of 2
  • No grade lower than a 90 in other subjects areas.
  • ME in all Social skills.
Membership is not automatically conveyed simply because a student has achieved an outstanding level of academic performance. The Honor society emphasizes other components: character,ambassadorship, school and community service, and love of the language. Further consideration for membership will be based on a detailed essay in which the student has to describe his/her character, how he/she will be an ambassador, and how he/she demonstrates his/her love of the language.  Since service is one of the components of the Honor Society, I also ask students to prepare a poster in Spanish to promote Wildcat Wellness Week emphasizing the importance of keeping healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The poster will be shared and displayed in the classrooms.  

Induction ceremony

Invited members will join Mr Silvano, the World Language teachers, and guest parents for an induction ceremony, that is usually scheduled in April.