Outreach for our team is not only going out into the community and spreading FIRST and STEM, but also just helping out whenever we can. We try to work with the community on these needed outside of robotics, lime collecting canned goods for example. We also do try and spread FIRST and STEM however, bout they teaching schools about the meaning of these terms through real life examples and experiments. For example, we made STEM in a bag for several underprivileged schools, which include Binary Code bracelets, as well as a marshmallow and toothpick architecture projects. 

STEM in a Bag Instructions:
What to include:
    1. Interactive Engineering activity: Ex. Marshmallow and Toothpick
    2. Paper Handouts: Ex. Information about STEM
    3. Invitation to Competition
    4. Instructions for Scientific Lab.
    5. NFC Tags